Friday, June 16, 2017

Barton County Sheriff's Office Report

Joplin man, Golden City woman cited for domestic assault

On May 25th 2017 at approximately 1:30 p.m. the Barton County Sheriff’s Office received a complaint of a domestic disturbance in Golden City. The reporting party advised that the male and female subjects were actively fighting with each other. 

 A Missouri State Highway Patrol Trooper and the Barton County deputies arrived at the residence and spoke with two parties. 

During the investigation it was learnt that the two individuals had been arguing for quite some time. The male party identified as Jeffrey T. Sparlin, age 38, of Joplin decided that he was going to take the infant child out of the situation for a short period of time and go to the park in Golden City. It was told to us that the female party identified as Kimberly K. Cannon, age 23, of Golden City did not want the male party to leave with the infant child and a pushing and shoving match began between the two. 

It was told to us that the female subject scratched and ripped the shirt of the male subject and that the male subject had shoved and pushed the female subject down out in the yard. 

At the conclusion of the investigation Both parties was issued citations for domestic assault. The parties were separated and the reports will be sent to the Barton County prosecuting attorney. Both parties was given a court date to answer to the criminal allegation of domestic assault

Joplin man picked up on felony warrant for probation violation

On 5-24-2017 Jeff S. Meadows, age 54, of Joplin (top photo) was transported from the Jasper County Jail to the Barton County Jail. Meadows had an active felony warrant with no bond for violating the terms of his probation. Meadows was processed into the jail. 

Fort Scott fugitive apprehended after foot chase

On May 24th 2017 Sheriff Mitchell Shaw was driving south on Grand Street in Lamar from 12th Street. At 13th and Grand street two subjects were walking northbound in the alleyway between Grand and Truman. 

 One subject was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and when Sheriff Shaw drove past he pulled the hood up to conceal his identity. Sheriff Shaw went around the block and pulled down the alleyway heading southbound from 12th street to meet up with the two individuals walking in the alley. 

 As Sheriff Shaw approached the two men, the man with the hooded sweatshirt ran between the houses and towards the railroad Tracks east of Truman Street. Sheriff Shaw took Chase after the subject. 

The Lamar police officers was notified of the subject running from the Sheriff. The Lamar Police Officers responded to the area within just a few seconds to assist in trying to find the subject. 

 Officers Robert Lawrence, Dan Graham, Oliver Cornell and Steven Shaw arrived in the area and watched the area where the subject fled. As the subject ran from the Sheriff his hood came off his head and the sheriff was able to identify the subject as Michael Blanco, age 48, of Fort Scott. 

Blanco had in the past been incarcerated in the Barton County Jail and at the time of this incident had an active felony warrant with no bond out of Barton County for the charge of violating the terms of his probation. 

 The sheriff chased Blanco south down the railroad tracks but lost sight of him in the brush. Blanco ran south down the railroad tracks choosing to go west back toward Truman Street instead of going East toward Redwood Village. 

 Blanco exited the brushy area next to the tracks in the 1500 block of Truman Street and ran head on into Lamar Officer Steven Shaw. 

Blanco tried once again to get away from the officers and he hid behind a building and a large round tank, but Officer Steven Shaw saw where he went and located him and took him into custody. 

 Blanco was transported to the Barton County Jail where he was processed into the jail facility. While at the jail, Blanco became physically violent with the jail staff and he was put in the restraint chair for a time period and he was later transported to the Vernon County Jail to be housed temporarily.

Reports will be sent to the Prosecuting attorney for consideration in filing of criminal charges of resisting arrest. It was a great group effort which got Blanco apprehended.

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