Thursday, October 9, 2014

Woman who didn't seek help for dying Joplin Honky bound over for trial

A Carl Junction woman who did not seek help for a dying man because she thought she might get into trouble for using meth was bound over for trial after waiving her preliminary hearing in Newton County Circuit Court Tuesday on a charge of abandoning a corpse.

Chelsie Berry, 25, will be arraigned 9 a.m. October 27 in the trial division

The date of the criminal offense as definitely as I can state was on or about 08/21/2014, 08/22/2014

The place of the criminal offense as definitely as I can state was at 13314 Highway V, Newton County, Missouri.
The facts supporting this belief are as follows; Chelsie Rae Barry stated that she and Dennis "Nathan" Meyer were driving around in a Nissan Pathfinder that was in Nathan's possession. Chelsie stated that they had gone to McDonald's on Maiden Lane around 2300 hr and that Nathan told her he had some Dilaudid and wanted to shoot it up. Chelsie stated that she told Nathan to go ahead and shoot it up, but she would not because she did not do that type of "downer." Chelsie stated that Nathan shot the Dilaudid up into his vein and started acting "crazy" by pulling his penis out and saying strange things.

Chelsie stated that she got nervous around him so she called Nathan's friend Jared Prier, who she had met the night before. Chelsie stated that Jared met her at the McDonald's and they hung out in the parking lot for a little bit. Chelsie stated that Nathan passed out so Jared drove the three of them to Love's around midnight where she walked into the store and got a drink. Chelsie stated that when she came out of the store Jared told her that he believed Nathan had stopped breathing.

Chelsie stated that she checked Nathan and did not think he was breathing either. Chelsie stated that she and Jared were scared to call for an ambulance and did not want to take Nathan to the hospital because she and Jared were high on meth and Xanax and thought they would get in trouble.

Chelsie stated that she and Jared drove to a back road and dragged Nathan from the front seat to the back seat because they did not want to look at him any longer and also the fact that he began to smell bad. Chelsie stated that then Jared drove them around for a while looking for a place to dump the body.

Chelsie stated that Jared drove down a long driveway close to sun up and she and Jared then pushed the body out of the vehicle onto the ground. Chelsie stated that then Jared drove her back to her mother's residence in Carthage. Chelsie stated that Jared then left the residence in the Nissan Pathfinder that Nathan had originally been in possession of.

Chelsie stated that Jared never threatened her in any way and never displayed a weapon at any time during the night.

At the autopsy, Dr. Norton advised Detective Wanda Williams that Nathan Meyer's breathing would have been faint and it would have taken a while for Nathan to die.

Newton County Sheriff Ken Copeland has indicated that Meyer was a member of the Joplin Honkeys gang.

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