Monday, January 10, 2022

Sarcoxie Police Department encounters problems with speeding in school zones, trashy properties

(From the Sarcoxie Police Department)

How about we start the week off right with Keepin' Up with the Wee Woos.

1. How many times do we have to say that the city dumpster hours are from 6am to 10pm? You guys were doing so well, too. Two nights you were caught on camera pilfering through and trying to find things. Citations are headed your way.
2. When a person says to leave them alone and to no longer communicate with them, be an adult and do not contact them anymore. Pretty simple concept, but a hard one to comprehend. When we get involved, we will just send a citation out for harassment and hope you get the idea.

3. As you can see, we had four citations, all at speeds 14 MPH to 21MPH over, in the school zones this last week. That is four too many. 14th Street has visible flashing lights on really big signs. Please be aware of them and their locations. We have no tolerance with our school zones for the protection of our kids and crossing guards.
4. We are going to start looking at nuisances again, we have a continuous problem with properties that are cited weekly. Trash, rubbish, household amenities that are outside, appliances, etc will be on our radar. Please, to help us out, check out your properties and you haven't used it in quite some time, it may be time to clean it up.
5. We passed on information via family about how to handle your warrants, you were given a chance. When we see you walking around, we will detain you and confirm your multiple warrants for drug offenses, admitted to using methamphetamine four days ago, and a known gang member from the area - off to jail, you go.
6. Weekly Numbers:
Animal Complaint: 8
Community/School Check: 30
Disturbance: 1
Domestic: 1
Fraud/Scam: 1
Medical: 2
Suspicious Act/Pers/Veh: 3
Traffic Stops; 32 (11 stops = 14 Citations; 21 stops = warnings)
Total Calls: 104
Have a great week, make good choices.

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