Friday, November 7, 2014

Jasper County Dissolution of Marriage Petitions

The following petitions for dissolution of marriage were filed this week in Jasper County Circuit Court:

Chandra M. Haliburton vs. Raynard T. Haliburton
Matthew C. Williams vs. Emily J. Williams
Deanna G. Conrad vs. Leland D. Conrad
Tracey A. Klepper vs. Mallory K. Klepper
Cynita R. Jones vs. James H. Jones
Donna P. Lozano vs. Gerald A. Lozano
Monica Burlingame vs. James Burlingame
Sharon K. Beasley vs. Samuel A. Jorgenson
Dawn M. Hurtt Redding vs. Christopher R. Redding
Shanon A. Seward vs. Greggory R. Seward
Mohammed A. Salami vs. Sheila M. Bailey-Salami
Marlene F. Uyttebroeck vs. Phillip J. Uyttebroeck
Cary R. Lee vs. Connie E. Lee
Stephen K. Duncan vs. Leandra M. Duncan
Tawnya M. Blankenship vs. Randy W. Blankenship
Robert W. Stevens vs. Galina V. Stevens


  1. Is nothing private in our lives anymore. Even the NSA, FBI, IRS and the CIA don't care who is getting divorced.
    You need to rethink posting this.

  2. Anymore? This sort of thing would have been reported in the past and gossipped about. Check out a local newspaper from days gone by. You'll be surprised how many "news" stories are about who went to whom's house for dinner, etc.

  3. This is Turner's idea of "investigative journalism."