Saturday, December 31, 2016

Jasper Police: We will continue to be deeply involved in our community in 2017

(From the Jasper Police Department)

2016 was a very good year we believe for the Jasper Police Department and the citizens of Jasper. 

We were able to do some good things for the kids and we believe we helped make the town a better place to live in as far as visiting with the criminal element and making it clear that this is not a "safe" town to come and hide and do criminal activity. 

Some have chosen to move on from Jasper and live elsewhere, we do wish them luck. 

We also made it a point to reach out and strengthen relationships with the youth in town, which is very important we believe. 

In 2017, you have our promise that we will continue building on being involved in community events for the kids and we will continue to not welcome those who are there to do bad things in Jasper.

Happy New Years from the Jasper Police Dept.! Please be safe.....

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