Monday, July 10, 2017

Seneca couple: Please help us find our son

(Two weeks ago today, Shane and Miranda Granger's son Bailey ran away from home. Bailey is still missing. The Grangers posted the following message today on their Facebook page.)

It has now been 14 days since we've seen or heard our son's voice. 

This is the worst feeling in the world. My heart aches so much, I hate seeing our younger children hurt and not understand why he's gone, watching my husband's health get worse as the days go on because the stress causes his stomach issues to be worse. 

I know that someone knows something and it kills me that they're able to sleep just fine at night knowing that what they're doing is wrong while we're barely sleeping at all because we're worried sick and praying that he'll come home. 

Every time our phones ring we jump thinking maybe that'll be the call were looking for. 

I cannot express how thankful I am for everyone that has reached out, prayed for us, brought us food, drinks, groceries, anything we needed, searched along our side, our families for helping with our children even if it was for a few hours to take their minds off things, and just did anything they thought could help.

(Original June 27 Facebook post)

On June 25th between 11:30 p.m. and midnight a parent's worst nightmare came true... Our son Bailey Granger ran away and has not been seen since.

We have filed a missing persons report with Seneca Police Department and now we need the public's help.

If anyone has seen or heard from Bailey please contact us through Facebook or phone 417-592-7426/417-592-7525 or please contact the Seneca Police Department at 417-776-8158 or Newton County Sheriff"s Office at 417-451-8300. Please share this post with anyone and everyone.

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