Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Crowder students do well at Ag Students State Conference

(From Crowder College)

Crowder College Agriculture students participated in “Harvesting Opportunities by Promoting Strong Roots." This was the theme of the 38th Annual Missouri Post-Secondary Ag Students (MOPAS) State Conference hosted by North Central Community College. 

The conference saw over 130 participants from across the state compete in 16 different career development events such as employment interview, career planning, career specialist, and college bowl. Crowder College was especially well represented with 24 competitors in 13 events. Twenty-one of those students qualified for the National PAS Conference to be held in Louisville, Kentucky in March 2018.

Freshman Chance Wallace, Seneca, MO was selected to serve as MOPAS State President and Hilsden Moseley, Wheaton, MO was chosen as State Treasurer. Crowder’s College Bowl teams dominated the 80 person competition, advancing through the tournament with both teams advancing to the national contest. “This year’s participants continue Crowder’s winning tradition at the state level, qualifying more than ever to the national contest. It is an honor to be associated with the future leaders of this global industry,” stated Jorge Zapata, Crowder Agriculture Advisor.

PAS Results

Grace Box – Neosho, MO - Planning – Retail Ag, 1st; Emp. Interview, Landscaping, 3rd;

Maddie Brown – Stoutland, MO - Planning – Ruminant Animals, 4th

Mackenzie Courtouise – Bourbon, MO - Planning – Retail Ag, 2nd; Emp. Interview – Floriculture, 3rd; Prepared Speaking, 1st

Tyler Ehlers – Bentonville, AR - Progress – Plant Systems, 1s; Emp. Interview, 1st; Soils Specialist, 2nd

Whitney Freund – Neosho, MO - Planning – Ag Business Non-Retail, 2nd

Megan Gilbreath – Carthage, MO - Progress – Retail Ag, 3rd; Emp. Interview – Ag Sales, 4th

Trinity Gray – Halltown, MO - Progress- Retail Ag, 1st; Emp. Interview – Ag Sales, 2nd

Kari Hickman – Halfway, MO - Dairy Specialist, 5th; Emp. Interview – Dairy Prod., 2nd; Soils Specialist, 5th

Jasmine Hopper – Cassville, MO - Progress – Ag Education, 4th; Ag Education Specialist, 4th, Crops Specialist, 1st

Alexis Lasseter – Drumright, OK - Planning – Non-Ruminant Animals, 2nd

Mikayla Lund – Carthage, MO - Ag Education Specialist, 3rd

Hannah Miller – Nevada, MO -Progress – Ag Education, 3rd

Morgan Mitchell – Seligman, MO -Dairy Specialist, 1st

Hilsden Moseley – Wheaton, MO - Planning – Ag Business Non-Retail, 1st; Emp. Interview – Forestry, 4th

Nastasia Neier – Bentonville, AR - Planning – Non-Ruminant Animals, 1st, Emp. Interview – Feeds/Animal Health, 2nd; Livestock Specialist, 1st

Brayden Nowack – Holt, MO - Planning Ag Management and Marketing, 4th; Crops Specialist, 4th

Regan Price – Goodman, MO - Emp. Interview – Floriculture, 4th

Lane Sowder – Carthage, MO - Progress – Management/Marketing, 2nd

Cheston Stacy – Humansville, MO - Planning – Hort. And Natural Resources, 3rd; Crops Specialist, 3rd

Chance Wallace – Seneca, MO - Planning – Ag Education, 3rd; Emp. Interview – Livestock, 2nd; Equine Specialist, 5th

Iris Wormington – Monett, MO - Progress – Processing/Biotech, 1st; Crops Specialist, 2nd; Emp. Interview – Feeds/Animal Health, 1st

Quiz Bowl Team A - 3rd (Iris Wormington, Jasmine Hopper, Morgan Mitchell, Chance Wallace, Megan Gilbreath)

Quiz Bowl Team B – 1st (Tyler Ehlers, Hilsden Moseley, Cheston Stacy, Lane Sowder, Trinity Gray)

State President – Chance Wallace

State Treasurer – Hilsden Moseley

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