Thursday, November 23, 2017

Joplin Police Department arrests man with 10 outstanding warrants, disguised Claritin pills

(From the Joplin Police Department)

Incident Spotlight

Yesterday at noon a car was stopped at 1st and Main for improper plates. 

The driver of the vehicle claimed to not have his driver’s license with him and proceeded to provide a false name. He made the infamous error of not knowing what age he is supposed to be with his new identity. 

Officers quickly caught on and detained the driver where he admitted his true identity. The driver was arrested for 10 outstanding warrants. 

Officers searched the vehicle and found several syringes as well as a small plastic baggie containing Claritin allergy pills which had been colored yellow with a highlighter, to appear not as quick allergy relief pills. (We can only assume he was hoping to pass them along as "real" drugs, but since he didn't even want to tell us his real name he wasn't real talkative on the subject) 

We don't recommend purchasing medication off of the street for this exact reason, our local drug dealers don't tend to be honest business people...and drugs are bad.

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