Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Barton County Sheriff investigates jail fight, keg party, 4-wheeler theft, burglary

(From the Barton County Sheriff's Office)

Fight in the Jail

On 11-13-2016 The Barton County Sheriff’s Office investigated a assault in the Jail. The on duty Jailer had just took a new inmate to a cell block upstairs and went on to normal duties and task within the jail. The Jailer overheard yelling and banging going on upstairs and hurried upstairs to find two inmates fighting. Road deputies.were contacted to come and assist in breaking the two up. The two inmates were separated without incident. The inmates were separated in two different cell blocks and neither man wanted to file criminal charges on the other. The fight started when one inmate confronted the other inmate about a financial debt that was alleged to be owed.

Subject Arrested in Alcohol-Related Case

On 11-14-2016 The Barton County Sheriff’s Office conducted an investigation involving an allegation of a gathering of minors consuming alcoholic beverages at a residence on SE 50th Ln, south of Kenoma, Mo. This incident was reported to have happened on Saturday 12th of November. During the investigation one subject was arrested for the criminal charges of Supplying alcohol to minors, and for being a Minor in Possession of alcohol. James B. Brockman, age 20, of Neosho was transported to the Barton County Jail and later posted bond on the criminal charges.

Attempted theft of ATV Four Wheeler in Oskaloosa

On 11-12-2016 The Barton County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of an attempted stealing case. A subject had left a four wheeler / atv on his property in a field for a short amount of time due to some mechanical issues. When he returned to the Four wheeler a vehicle was parked along the roadway with a white female seated inside it. A male subject was seated on the Four Wheeler. The Reporting Party advised that he had yelled at the subject on the Four Wheeler then the man started the Four Wheeler and tried to flee from the area. After a short distance the Four Wheeler quit running and the male subject got off of it. He was confronted by the Reporting Party who was following and the reporting party asked him what he thought he was doing. The Suspect in the case advised that he was only trying to take it to another location so he could call the police and report he had found a four wheeler. The female subject showed up in the vehicle and the male subject quickly got in the car and the subjects fled from the scene. The investigation in the case is ongoing, however the subjects have been positively identified and a reports are being sent to the Barton County Prosecutor for formal filing of criminal charges.

Burglary reported southeast of Lamar

On 11-14-2016 the Barton County Sheriff’s Office investigated a report of a residence which had been burglarized on SE 30th road. The reporting party advised that the scene did not make sense. He advised that he got home and found items in the upstairs which had been knocked over. He stated that after looking closer around the home he found puddles of blood in different places in the home. A ladder was leaned up against the home leading to an upstairs bedroom. The reporting party advised that he had went through the home looking for items which might have been stolen, however nothing of value appeared to be missing. The investigation continues in the case.

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