Friday, June 22, 2018

Agenda posted for Four States Clean Air Alliance meeting

Four States Clean Air Alliance (FSCAA) Board Meeting 
June 26, 2018 2pm Joplin City Hall, 5th Floor Study 


 Welcome – Introductions 2:05pm

Approve minutes from April 2018 2:15pm

Technical & Regulatory Updates
1. ITC ozone data
2. MDNR ozone data
3. JATSO update 3:15pm

 Path Forward Strategy Implementation
1. Ozone Advance program
a. Strategies
b. Website & social media updates – Tristan
c. Letters of support
i. JATSO Bike-Ped plan
ii. Electrification truck stop grant

2. Public Outreach
a. Joplin Insider interview – May 2018
b. Advertising – Ramsey bill
c. Events for 2018
i. Shoal Creek Water Festival at Wildcat Glades, August 11th, 9am to 3pm 3:30pm


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