Saturday, March 23, 2019

Agenda posted for Carthage City Council meeting

Council Agenda
City of Carthage, Missouri
Tuesday, March 26, 2019
6:30 PM- Council Chambers

1. Call to Order

2. Invocation

3. Pledge of Allegiance to Flag

4. Calling of the Roll

5. Reading and Consideration of Minutes of Previous Meeting

6. Presentations/Proclamations
7. Public Comments

8. Reports of Standing Committees

9. Reports from Special Committees and Board Liaisons

10. Report of the Mayor

11. Reports/Remarks of Councilmembers
(Each Councilmember is limited to no more than two (2) minutes. The time may be extended by the Chair if deemed necessary. Once a Councilmember has had their say on a particular issue they are not permitted to once again speak on the issue unless permitted by the Chair)

12. Administrative Reports

13. Report of Claims Presented Against the City

14. Public Hearings

15. Old Business
1. C.B. 19-10- An Ordinance to amend Section 805 (06) of the Personnel Policy Manual of the City of Carthage regarding Meals. (Insurance, Audit & Claims)
2. C.B. 19-11- An Ordinance to amend Section 25-61 of the Carthage Code to waive, for a period of six (6) months, the established fee in the amount of one hundred dollars ($100.00) for rezoning property within the city, and for requests for annexation of property to the city. (Public Works)

16. New Business-
1. C.B. 19-12- An Ordinance authorizing the Mayor to enter into a contract with the Fair Acres Family YMCA, Inc., for Aquatic Facility Management at Municipal Park. (Public Services)
2. C.B. 19-13- An Ordinance changing fees at the Carthage Municipal Golf Course. (Public Services)
3. C.B. 19-14- An Ordinance authorizing the Mayor to execute an Agreement between the City of Carthage, Missouri and the Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission providing for a Transportation Alternatives Funds Program Agreement ((TAP-1601 (703)) for ADA compliant sidewalks, entrances and crosswalks along Central Avenue (MO 96), from Garrison Avenue to Route 66, and the Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission Sidewalk Improvements Agreement, as required as part of the terms of the Transportation Alternatives Funds Program Agreement. (Public Works)
17. Mayor's Appointments
  • Police Personnel Administration Board
  • Parks & Recreation Director
18. Resolutions
1. Resolution 1867- A Resolution concerning annexation of Property. (Planning, Zoning & Historic Preservation)

2. Resolution 1868- A Resolution of the City of Carthage, Missouri, authorizing the Mayor to enter into an agreement with Jonathan Goolsby for complete management of an Adult Softball Program located at Hallam Field. (Public Services)
19. Closing Comments

20. Executive Session

21. Adjournment

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