Friday, March 29, 2019

Jasper County Dissolution of Marriage Petitions

The following petitions for dissolution of marriage were filed this week in Jasper County Circuit Court:

Kinsey L. Bowers vs. Daniel A. Bowers
Amber J. Cornell vs. Brian A. Cornell
Patricia K. Moore vs. Darryl L. Moore
Audrey M. Taffner vs. Jerred D. Taffner
Brenda Wintjen vs. Clay D. Wintjen
Beth McIntosh vs. Albert McIntosh

Linda L. Webb vs. Brent A. Webb
Annie M. Finn vs. Chad A. Browning
Stephanie D. Womack vs. Joseph T. Womack
Travis L. Bowman vs. Victoria A. Simmons
Maria F. Hames vs. Zachery W. Hames
Victoria Rodas vs. Marvin Rodas
Jeffrey B. Webb vs. Gregory J. Case

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  1. I though Jeffery and Greggory were solid. Sorry to see they didn't make it.