Monday, March 25, 2019

Joplin Recycling Center changes fees for electronic equipment

(From the City of Joplin)

Old electronic equipment (e-waste) has been accepted at the Joplin Recycling Center for many years---either at no charge, or for a $10 fee per television, computer monitor, and microwave oven. The cost of recycling the e-waste has been borne by the City, limited recycling user fees, and grant funding from Region M Solid Waste Management District and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

Because of a change in the processing, the City will no longer charge the $10 fee on microwave ovens, but will continue the $10 fee for televisions and computer monitors. All other forms of electronics can still be dropped off at no charge. The new user fee structure starts on Monday, April 1, 2019.

Should the City’s cost change due to their competitive bidding procedure and change in processors, the City will announce the new user fees. Fee changes will be posted two weeks in advance at the center, in the media, and the City’s website at

Mary Anne Phillips, Joplin Recycling Coordinator stated, “Charging patrons a recycling fee is not an ideal situation, but the volume of e-waste is overwhelming our current financial situation and we desire to continue to offer the service in a sustainable manner.” Phillips continued, “People may think that there is money to be made from recycling the precious metals from the computers, but all e-waste combined, can have a negative dollar value.” Across the country, most solid waste management entities charge recycling fees and many landfills have banned certain types of e-waste.

When dropping off a television or computer monitor, payment can be made at the Recycling Center with a check or money order. Customers paying with cash or debit/credit cards must first pay at the Finance Department, 3rdFloor, City Hall, 602 South Main Street, M-F 8-5, then provide the paid receipt when dropping off the television or monitor at the Recycling Center.

Recycling e-waste is important because items dumped in landfills may leach out toxic materials. Additionally, electronics are made with materials that are recyclable. Using these recovered materials in the production of products generates less energy and creates less pollution than the manufacture of virgin materials. These recycling activities create jobs and contribute to Missouri’s economy.

At this time, the $10 fee on designated electronics is the only fee charged by the Recycling Center. All other qualifying items are freely accepted on a regular basis, including cardboard, fiberboard, magazines, office paper, newspapers, books, plastic #1 and #2 bottles with necks, all colors of container glass, metal, packing peanuts, #2 and #4 plastic shopping bags, all batteries, cooking oil, plus limited household hazardous waste. E-waste items that are accepted without a fee include but are not limited to computers, speakers, keyboards, computer mice, adding and answering machines, pagers, all types of telephones, printers, audio and video equipment, digital cameras, facsimile (fax) machines, power cords, and computer peripherals. Large photocopiers are never accepted.

The Center is located at 1310 West A Street. The center is open on Tuesday and Thursday from Noon to 6 p.m.; and Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. For further information, contact the Recycling Department at (417) 624-0820, ext. 501.

User fees are fees for services for specific users, and should recover most of the related cost of providing the service, so general taxes are not supporting services for specific users. Under the Missouri Hancock provisions, the City is only allowed to recover the cost of providing the service.

For more information, call the Recycling Department at 417-624-0820 ext. 501.

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