Thursday, June 20, 2019

Carl Junction Police arrest adult, two juveniles in connection with burglaries in four school buildings

(From the Carl Junction Police Department)

I wanted to post this to let you know the caliber of work that is done at the CJPD,

Tuesday morning between midnight and 3 AM, three people broke into four of our school buildings. There was an amount of cash, merchandise and property stolen .

Officers Castlebury and Officer Conway started the investigation, and identified the people involved, They arrested two juveniles and one adult, and also recovered all of the property that was taken and it was returned to the school system.All of this happened in less then 12 hours after the crime.

I am extremely proud of the work these two did in this case, They always do great work and I don't take them for granted.

This incident also shows how important it is to have cameras not only to prevent some incidents from happening, but to assist in finding the suspects involved. We recommend then not only in businesses, but in homes, also.

Chief Delmar Haase

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