Friday, June 28, 2019

Jasper County Sheriff's Posse to join search for missing McDonald County flood victim

(From the Jasper County Sheriff's Office)

Jasper County Sheriff’s Posse will assist with ground search for missing McDonald County flood victim.

This Saturday members of the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office Posse will saddle up and assist in a ground search for the missing flood victim of last weekend’s flash floods.

During the flash floods in Anderson, McDonald County, a house was washed away with the resident still in inside.

Water searches have yet to locate the victim. A ground search is being organized for Saturday to continue looking for the victim. The Posse will saddle up and help in that search. With the horses they can search with an elevated view, go into brushy places where a vehicle can not go and not cause damage to crop or hay fields.

We wish everyone on the search party good luck

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