Saturday, January 27, 2018

Shoplifters nabbed at 7th Street Wal-Mart, charged with felony stealing, woman has five bags of meth

(From the Joplin Police Department)

Incident Spotlight

Tuesday morning at 1:29 a.m officers were dispatched to West 7th Street Wal-Mart for a shoplifting in progress.

Employees saw a male and a female who were concealing items and believed they were going to exit a fire door on the side of the building to flee. 

As an officer contacted employees in the store, other officers waited outside the emergency exit. The male suspect opened the emergency exit carrying a basket of stolen loot, saw officers awaiting his departure, dropped the basket and then ran through the inside of the store refusing to stop. 

The officer in the store helped corner the suspect, and he was arrested. The female then came up and asked what was going on, but had been identified by employees as helping the male conceal items to steal. 

The male had tried to steal $828.96 worth of items and was identified using the same emergency exit on 1-04-2018 stealing $787.93 worth of items. 

The male was arrested for felony stealing and felony resisting. The female was arrested for her felony warrant and also had five bags of meth and a pipe concealed on her person, resulting in felony drug charges as well.

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