Friday, May 25, 2018

Agenda posted for Joplin Planning and Zoning Commission meeting

Joplin Planning & Zoning Commission
Monday, June 11, 2018 4:00 P.M.
5th Floor Council Chamber 602 South Main Street, Joplin,

Roll Call

Approval of the May 14, 2018 Minutes

Old Business

New Business

Public Hearings
Case 020-18: 3534 E. 20th Street – A request to rezone from Heavy Industrial District (M2) to Commercial District (C3) for the operation of a car dealership – David Glenn.

Case 021-18: Street Vacation – Request to vacate a portion of County Lane 191 located north of the intersection of County Lane 191 and 31st Street – Joplin Industrial Development Authority.

Case 022-18: Street and Alley Vacation – Request to vacate an alley running north/south located west of Jackson Avenue between Junge Boulevard and 15th Street and a request to vacate a portion of 14th Street bounded by a north/south alley on the west and Jackson Avenue on the East for the consolidation of property – Joplin School District.

Case 023-18: Voluntary Annexation - Approximately 10 acres, located immediately north of the intersection of Wildwood Ranch Parkway and John Duffy Drive – Peace Church, LLC.

Other Business


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