Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Joplin Police address complaints about handling of alleged Cutbirth-McNally crime spree

(From the Joplin Police Department)

A message from the Joplin Police Department to the Community

Lately, there has been some media attention regarding Nicholas Cutbirth, his girlfriend Abbey McNally and crimes that both are accused of committing in our city and in other jurisdictions. 

Yesterday evening, one of his alleged victims from one of our cases, Ashley Raby, addressed the city council with her concerns about the cases and her experiences as a victim of crime. We understand her concerns and sympathize with her.

We wanted to share our actions and efforts in the last couple of weeks as we investigated the alleged crimes by Cutbirth and McNally, as we strive to be transparent and maintain public trust.

-On May 3, 2018 a search warrant was done at 815 West 6th by our department looking for stolen property. Stolen property was found. Nicholas Cutbirth was arrested for stealing crimes. Abbey McNally was also arrested from the residence for same crimes. Property found linked them to a theft from vehicle on 4-17-18 that also occurred in our city.

-On May 7, 2018 Cutbirth was arrested by our department for scrapping items at 1201 South Iowa taken from a burglary at 3132 East Hammons.

-On May 8, 2018 another search warrant was done at 815 West 6th by our department looking for stolen property. $1,900 of stolen property was found linking Cutbirth to a 4-13-18 burglary that occurred in our city.

-On May 12th Cutbirth and McNally were arrested in a vehicle in front of their residence with a stolen AR-15 rifle, two I-pads, BB Gun, Jewelry and other items with a $4,500 value. These items were all reported stolen in a burglary on the previous day, May 11, 2018, in our city.

-On May 15, 2018, a third search warrant was conducted at 815 West 6th by our department. Stolen property was recovered.

We have arrested Nicholas Cutbirth on 5-03, 5-07, 5-13.

We have arrested Abbey McNally on 5-03, 5-13, 5-15.

Nicholas Cutbirth bonded out of Jasper County Jail on 5-15-2018 on $500 cash bond and we didn’t arrest or contact him again.

On 5/21/2018 the Carthage Police Department notified us they had Cutbirth and McNally in custody from incidents that occurred in their city on 5/20/2018.

Through this case our department worked diligently to investigate these crimes, recover stolen property, conduct search warrants, make arrests and submit charges. We worked hand in hand with the Jasper County Prosecutor’s office on obtaining multiple search warrants and submitting charges. 

As we move forward as a department we will continue to focus on these serious crimes. We gave this report our attention as well as the many other reports that we respond to and take every day. We were able to recover most of the property that these two subjects had allegedly stolen from other people over the course of a few weeks. Although it can be a lengthy process at times, there are steps that we must take in order to make sure that things are being done correctly. It is unfortunate that several people were victims of a crime at the hands of two suspects. We will continue to investigate these crimes and continue to work with the Prosecutor’s Office to file the correct charges that need to be filed.

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