Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Barton County Sheriff's Office Arrests

Anna Marie Satoe, driving while revoked, driving while intoxicated

Alexis Ann Zepeda, possession of drug paraphernalia

Joseph David Preston, assault third degree

Christopher Daniel Furr, shock incarceration

McKade James Crockett, shock incarceration

Matthew Allen Defrenne, non-support

Daniel Thomas Williams, no valid license

Garrett Kyle Jones, driving while revoked

Krista Shevelle Burris-Jarvis, failure to appear on non-support

Rodney Christopher Barbee, contempt of court-nuisance violation, failure to appear-nuisance violation

Anthony Joseph Romanoski, domestic assault

Tammy Lyne Swan, domestic assault

Kailey Ann Green, driving while revoked

Dustin L. Pope, defective equipment

Kevin Wayne Holloway, contempt of court-shoplifting

Cody Mikhail Kirch, contempt of court-driving while revoked

Sarah Rae Jaryno, 30-day shock incarceration

Mary Lorene Green, tampering or attempt to tamper with a victim

Earin Marie Hern, possession of a controlled substance

Matthew Brian Thell, 24-hour hold for investigation

Travis Mark Kain, non-support

Chanceton Miles Brown, probation violation

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